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Brave Alice Games
Brave Alice Games RPG Stories VTT

Design & Director: Agis Angelomatis

Developers: Sotiris Gyftopoulos (Lead), John Miragias, Christina Mpalla

3D Art: Themis Fragkiadakis, Eleni Rousou, Sofia Mitsigkola, Lucas Gamarra

Production: Chrysa Triantafyllou (Lead), Sotiris Gyftopoulos

Community: Alex Napier, William Risser, Charles Cummins, Jacob Bruce

Brave Alice Games is based in London UK but most of its members are Greek. Since most of our projects go through Kickstarter we always try to respect our backers' trust and that is why almost every project is run by a different team.

You are welcome to join our Discord Server and meet our amazing community and us. We love meeting new people and we are just one text away. 

Brave Alice Games Moonstone World

Director: Artemis Drosou

Writer: Minas Patsouris

2d Art: Konstantinos Moschonas

Production: Agis Angelomatis, Chrysa Triantafyllou

Community: Alex Napier

Brave Alice Games Fantasy Adventure Builder Tome of Adventure

Director: Agis Angelomatis

Developers: Panos Floros, John Miragias

Original Author: Matt Finch

Writers: Matt Finch, Agis Angelomatis

2d Art: Konstantinos Moschonas, Suzi Moseby

Production: Agis Angelomatis

In Collaboration with "Mythmere Games"

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